Create World Happiness by Cleaning and Tidying Up!

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I am a Japanese cleaning, tidying and Golden Years organizing professional. I entered the cleaning industry in 1990.
Well-cleaned, tidy spaces make people feel happy, and as I love cleaning and tidying up, cleaning became my vocation.
After I got married and had a son, I spent my days parenting and working in the cleaning industry both on site and in management.
Suddenly finding myself as a single mother, I developed business offering housekeeping and general storage services for conventional households. Currently, as a result of my efforts, I am CEO of five organizations under the Action Group company umbrella.

It is my desire to see people happy, by conveying Japanese style cleaning, tidying and Golden Years organizing to the world! Now I'm able to tell not only Japan, but the world.
Currently, many people under my tuition have started their own businesses in the cleaning, tidying up, and Golden Year organization. My dream is to cultivate people who can make people happy through their efforts in this wonderful industry.

Tamami Otsu
CEO, Action Group

Chairperson, Board of Directors, Action Power Inc.
Executive Director, The Institute of Living Arrangement Promotion Association
Executive Director, Action Lab Inc.
Chairperson, Japan Cleaning Storage Association
Executive Director, Link Link Inc.

Action Group Diagram

Award History

Chubu Keizai (Mid-Japan Economist) Newspaper, 2018

28th Annual Chubu Keizai Newspaper Topaz Award Winner ※The Topaz Awards celebrate excellent management skills, and local group enterprises. This commendation is awarded to women active in management.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2017, Japan

EY Entrepreneur of the Year is an international award honoring the visions, efforts and achievements of entrepreneurs who challenge new business fields.

Top 300 Small to Medium Sized Enterprises, and Small Businesses 2016

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in conjunction with the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency have been working in various fields such as improving productivity through the introduction of IT services and effective use of management resources, aggressive overseas expansion and capturing inbound demand, utilization of diverse human resources, and smooth business succession. Active SMEs and businesses were selected as the “Top 300 Small and Medium Enterprises and Small Businesses”.

Minna no Yume (Everybody’s Dream) AWARD 6, Grand Prix Winner 2016

Minna no Yume (Everybody’s Dream) Project This project is organized by the public interest foundation, Minna no Yume o Kanaeru Kai (Everybody's Dreams Come True).
The “Minna no Yume AWARD” is an exciting award for wonderful dream projects that encourage others to dream.

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Action Power Group
Headed by Action Power Inc.

Head Office

1-19-27 Allbars Building Nagoya, 5F, Meieki Minami, Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya, Japan, 450-0003
TEL; (Japan) +81-52-581-3981 FAX; +81-52-581-4343

Tokyo Office

3-6-21-3508, Konan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0075


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